baru-baru ini saya menemukan sesuatu hal yang menarik ^^

sebenarnya bukan hal yang baru saya kenal tapi saya baru tertarik sekarang 🙂

yupp.. cossplay ^^

saya akan men Share gambar-gambar para cossplayer yang saya temukan (hasil suffering)

the first pict is Lelouch from Code Geass ^^ this cossplayer have that Damn Good looking face and cold gaze 🙂

This is Rima toya from Vampire Knight she’s not cute as Rima but i think she has the same eyes like rima. Actually she’s so cool ><~

i dont really know the Char name but this cossplayer is cossplaying one of gintama char ^^ okay i love his lonely expression ❤

This is Hajime saito from Hakuouki.. hohoho i love his deeply gaze its looks like he will kill everyone that he meet. okay and his sword (katana) i love it too.. his purple hair too (that’s purple right??). he’s the most handsome hajime saito cossplayer that i know ^^

this one is yeah … Hatsune Miku the Vocaloid 🙂 I like her expression but in my opinion she’s kinda look too old to be Miku she’s better to be Luka… 🙂

Megurine Luka 🙂 yupp…. when i saw this pict i think the cossplayer is the same person with Miku’s cossplayer from the pict above ^^ she’s so damn SEXY right kkk~

Okay, the last is Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII the main heroine.. her legs is so WAO… envy her kkk~ I love her Legs

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