Im Not Only Your Fans Girl

I’ve been wondering all this time….

So I decided to make this thing.

i write this letter for those who i adore so much…. not only for Kwon Jiyong oppa but for every Kpop Idols and their Fandoms.

gd cute 2

Well maybe its only looks like a fans letter but at least i want you to know how much I Love you.

Please read it carefully because i made it with all my heart……


I’ve been in love with Korea since im in the elementary.

And when the first time my friend told me about Kpop i was really addicted with it.

I Learn so many things from that world…

I Learn how to keep fighting when everyone look down on you

I Learn how to keep smiling when something around you going wrong and you are feeling blue

I Learn how to be more creative than before

I Learn how to express my self more

I Learn how to make Fanfict, I would never know what is Fanfict if i didnt know them at the first place

I Learn how to write Hangul and even Learn how to use Hanguk as my langguage

I Learn so many from you guys….

and for you my dear oppa…

Right now you’ve been my motivator

You know I once leave Kpop because i though its boring and i even going to be otaku

But yeahh…. I saw you…..

I have Saw you before

But before i though you only just a boy with some crazy mind whos wearing so many colored clothes.

And at first i dont really like your genre…

Its too noisy for me….

But… I realize it….

The first time i hear that song….

Maybe you dont know but that song really move my heart…

I once again in love with Kpop

I even leave my old fandom because i love you

People said that im just being fanatic

But they never know what i felt…

Im not fanatic, this is Love

So many people say I love you

But for me I Love you is a really hard words to say

I dont know what is love

But when i see your face,hear your voices,and thingking your name

This heart feel like jumping from hill.

I Know that im only a Fan

I Never have any Chance to meet you

Yeah thats right…

I cant even come to your concert….. never….. Im just an ordinary girl who’s live with her ordinary family

I Know it…

The fact that really hurt my heart

I always thinking about the future

what if…

what if you married with someone else…. with other girl not me….with another lucky girl…

will you still remember me? still remember us?

We are the one who’s always support you….

Will you still remember us when you already have your darling right in front of you?

Will you?

You know? Me… Im just a normal girl who will get jealous when her lover being close to another girl.

Yeah its called love,im not only your fans. Im in love at you…

I look at you everytime and i realize that you are the same as me..

you are only a normal guy who’s really talented and you just make me fall for you….

Will you look at me? just once?

I’ve been Crying,Laughing,and Smiling because of you

I even want to be your ideal type

ahhh…… she (your future wife) will be so lucky to have you…..

we as your fans cant forbid you to choose your wife…we cant

so for those lucky girl

If you read this please make sure that you never ever think that you are unlucky to married him

You know there is so many girl including me

who wants to be his bride…… but we dont have any chance…

and for you dear oppa…..

Please never ever forget us……

We will keep supporting you oppa….

Even you have another girl in your heart

Even you only think that we just your fans

Please never forget us….

We want you to know how much we love you…

How much we shed a tears just for you…

How much we spend our money just for you…

How much we waste our time just for you….

How much we concern about you….

How much we adore you…

Please never forget us…

Thank you for everything that you give

You bring happiness to my life…

Thanks for making my life more wonderfull

Thanks for making my life being more exciting

This is what i can say……

For my friends who’s also read this we need to keep supporting our oppadeul no matter what happen……

Thank you…..

N : I already posted this on my Asianfanfict account HERE

This is my way to say thank you for them… 🙂



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